Minimize the Kitchen Gadgetry!


We love our kitchen gadgets in this culture, especially if they purport to save us time in the kitchen. But I would like to invite you to think about food preparation in a different light. Not from a “30 Minute Meal” perspective or a What’s Trending perspective, but from a perspective as old as the fires which once were our stove tops. The ancient cultures understood energy much better than we do today. They knew better, for instance, than to allow an angry person to prepare a meal for the family or tribe. Have you ever had a meal prepared by an angry person? If so, you certainly understand the wisdom of our ancient elders.

We are revisiting so much of the ancient knowledge today! Our scientists, particularly quantum physicists, are catching up with the ancient mystic teachings. So. Let us look more closely at energy in the kitchen.

Human brings emit an enormous amount if energy, from our electro-magnetic field, our eyes, our hands. So there you are in the kitchen and everything you touch your energy field affects. And your energy field is greatly affected by emotions. You are “transmitting messages” all the time. You don’t have to be part of that famous water experiment to see the effects of the messages you are transmitting. What message are you sending your vegetables? They are living. They are receiving your messages whether you are conscious about sending them or not. It’s a bit like body language. It sends an energetic message to everyone in the room, doesn’t it?

So let’s say you are making a salad. Try to use your hands in every step. Gadgetry interrupts the energy flow between you and the food, and ultimately between you and those for whom you are preparing food. What messages are your eyes, your hands, your thoughts sending to the lettuce? I like to smile at my veggies. Acknowledge how green and beautiful they are. I like to show gratitude and appreciation to them. And ask that they help nourish those I am about to feed. Thank them for their life giving energy. This can be done in silence, with words, prayer or song. The vibratory quality of your energy and heart space will be felt by the food you are preparing. Those you feed in turn will taste and feel the difference!