Honoring the life force energy in the food you prepare…


Cooking with love is not just an expression, it is the practice of being conscious of one’s energy in the kitchen. It is also the practice of honoring the life force energy in the food you are preparing, relating to all ingredients, from spices to parsley to beans and yams, as holding consciousness.

So, first it is important to be aware of one’s own energy. To allow your presence in the kitchen to be peaceful, quiet, contemplative, observant. Preparing food for others becomes a meditation. The vegetables you hold in your hands are living. Acknowledge their color, texture, nutritional value. In your heart, invite them to nourish those for whom you prepare food. I sometimes sing to vegetables.  The energy you bring into the kitchen is transferred from your hands, eyes and vibration into the food.  If you have a joyful heart, this energy will be in your food. There are some practical ways to shift the energy in your kitchen.

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