From the Perspective of a Kitchen Alchemist


A Kitchen Alchemist looks at these sweet potatoes and acknowledges their special relationship to Mother Earth as root vegetables who have absorbed her energy and wisdom. This begins the dance between the cook and the meal.


A Kitchen Alchemist looks at the honorable onion and acknowledges its sacred layers of earth wisdom, the water of life it contains, its healing properties , it’s ability to heal us through the release of tears for wounds of which we may be unaware. The alchemist gives thanks to the noble onion and invites it to share its healing power with all who share in this meal.


The Kitchen Alchemist knows to approach cilantro light heartedly. With a smile and laughter. Cilantro’s green leaves let us know it is here to nourish our hearts. Cilantro cleanses our blood. The alchemist knows cilantro is a trickster too, for you may eat it and  fall in love with its beautiful aroma and taste or you may feel as if your mouth has been washed out with soap. Either way, the cilantro has cleansed you and is laughing. So the Kitchen alchemist always invites cilantro with a smile and laughter.