Patti’s Practice of Cooking With Love

From the Perspective of a Kitchen Alchemist

A Kitchen Alchemist looks at these sweet potatoes and acknowledges their special relationship to Mother Earth as root vegetables who have absorbed her energy and wisdom. This begins the dance between the cook and the meal.

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Minimize the Kitchen Gadgetry!

We love our kitchen gadgets in this culture, especially if they purport to save us time in the kitchen. But I would like to invite you to think about food preparation in a different light. Not from a “30 Minute Meal” perspective or a What’s Trending perspective, but from a perspective as old as the fires which once were our stove tops. The ancient cultures understood energy much better than we do today. They knew better, for instance, than to allow an angry person to prepare a meal for the family or tribe. Have you ever had a meal prepared by an angry person? If so, you certainly understand the wisdom of our ancient elders. Read more

Honoring the life force energy in the food you prepare…

Cooking with love is not just an expression, it is the practice of being conscious of one’s energy in the kitchen. Read more