Mother Earth Sanctuary Café

Patti from Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe

Mother Earth Sanctuary Café, formerly named Mother Earth Coffee & Gifts, is a cozy 800 square foot café located at 410 2nd Avenue North in Lake Worth, Florida.

The Flower of Life, a powerful example of sacred geometry, figures prominently on a center wall as the logo for Mother Earth Sanctuary and Café. High frequency cones designed by tNANO technology enhance and amplify the healing energy of the café.

The Tranquility of this space is enhanced by plants, a bubbling water feature and classical music. Mother Earth has a small library of spiritual and metaphysical books for your reading pleasure. There is no Wi-Fi service at Mother Earth. This is to protect the space from harmful frequencies emitted from computers, particularly through wireless services.

Many have come to Mother Earth for a meal and have gotten so much more. They feel healed and often do not understand how, or perhaps they understand only part of the story. 

While Patti did not understand it at the time, when she opened the café (a coffeehouse back then) in 2007, it was no accident that she opened it in that particular space. As she discovered later, she had been drawn there and her own spiritual journey began in earnest the day she arrived.

Over the years Patti discovered, with the help of several clairvoyant friends, that the “company” she sensed in this space was a powerful spirit presence of a Native American Priestess whose name (short version) is Hade. It became clear to Patti that her purpose was to work in partnership with Hade to support the healing process of all those who entered. As Patti takes on more responsibility as a healer in the kitchen and her community, her understanding of energy and intention in the kitchen and everywhere continues to expand. For instance, Patti believes a cook’s intention, energy and love, effects those who eat their food on a cellular level! Now, that’s food for thought!